The 13th Month

Where the end and the beginning coexist.


An uncertain future lies ahead for humanity as the earth and moon diverge. The planet is in turmoil as mutant life and odd phenomena surrounds. People spend their days hunting and searching for resources as they struggle to breathe. 


Earth toxic and decaying. The arid land chokes with natural disasters and contamination. Science is the religion and it is capable of being both good and evil.


Strange geometry and orbs hover over the land, seeming to dictate the earth’s pull and subsequent ruin.


Women now hold the power as gatekeepers of life and are speakers of a mysterious language. They plead with the orbs to return earth to its balanced state.


In this darkness, mankind seeks light. Project 13 is more than a physical dystopian world; it is a state of mind intertwining uncertainty and despair with a glimmer of hope for a new dawn.


It is the intersection that is the 13th Month, the month of UNDECEMBER.